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Renew your habits and lifestyle. Is your goal to be healthier and happier? New Earth supports physical wellness for overall energy and performance. Feel the difference!

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Gives nutritional boost

 Supports optimal health



New Earth Essentials

Wild Bluegreen Body

The Whole Algae
New Earth's organic Wild Bluegreen™ Algae is a unique and powerful natural food providing easily assimilated nutrients like plant-based proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that promote physical well-being.

New Earth Essentials

Wild Bluegreen Mind

Heart Of The Algae
A concentration of the nutrients in our organic Wild Bluegreen™ Algae. The amino acids in Wild Bluegreen Mind provide the building blocks of the healthy nerve cells and neurotransmitters vital for optimal brain and nervous system function.*

New Earth Essentials

Wild Bluegreen Blend

Wild Algae Powder
A blend of equal parts Wild Bluegreen Body and Wild Bluegreen Mind. Ideal for adding to foods, shakes, even pet foods, Bluegreen Blend gives you the original New Earth product and core of our entire product line in convenient powder form.

New Earth Essentials


Optimal Digestion
Proprietary blend of fifteen different plant-based food enzymes & Wild Bluegreen™ Algae to supply the enzymes with vitamins, minerals, and other cofactors, helping the body break down and assimilate the complete range of nutrients in your food.

New Earth Essentials


Upper GI Tract Probiotic
New Earth's Acidophilus contains a single pure strain of Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS®-1, which is specifically cultivated to promote intestinal health.* Wild Bluegreen™ Algae and the "prebiotic" inulin provide the live acidophilus cells with optimal nourishment.

New Earth Essentials


Lower GI Tract Probiotic
Bifidobacterium bifidum is a type of beneficial bacteria that works symbiotically with other lactic acid bacteria to promote a healthy internal ecology, support immune function, and promote overall good health.* Wild Bluegreen™ Algae and the "prebiotic" inulin provide the live bifidus cells with optimal nourishment.

New Earth Essentials


Full Spectrum Probiotic
New Earth's Spectrabiotic® brings together twelve different strains of premium probiotics, Wild Bluegreen™ Algae and the "prebiotic" inulin that provide ideal nourishment for the live probiotic cells and promote their healthy growth and optimal function. Vibrant health from the inside out.

New Earth Essentials

Essentials Blend

Essentials Blend Full Spectrum Nutrition
A combination of Wild Bluegreen™ Body, Enzymes, Spectrabiotic® our proprietary blend of twelve different strains of live beneficial bacteria, and organic wheat sprouts, all in a convenient powder form suitable for adding to foods, shakes, or pet foods.

New Earth Essentials

Essentials Box 30 Packets


Get your core ESSENTIALS products in a month's supply of convenient daily packets, ready to slip in your pocket or purse and take with you anywhere. Each box contains 30 packets, each containing: 1 WIld Bluegreen Body, 1 Wild Bluegreen Mind, 1 Acidophilus, 1 Bifidus, 1 Enzymes.

New Earth Essentials

BG Bar

BG Bar Wild
On The Go

New Earth's BG Bar provides a diversity of complex and simple carbohydrates, high-quality fats and essential fatty acids, and complete, highly assimilable protein. Each BG Bar gets its all-natural goodness from a wealth of healthful ingredients. No artificial anything!


New Earth Edge


Maximum Energy
Drive is a proprietary blend of Wild Bluegreen™ Algae, wheatgrass juice, cordyceps mushrooms, bee pollen, turmeric, noni, and green tea, designed to be taken before a workout to provide a nutrient-rich, whole-food source for physical energy and drive.

New Earth Edge


Maximum Clarity
Focus is a proprietary blend of organic Wild Bluegreen™ Algae, eleuthero, Ginkgo biloba, Lion's Mane, bee pollen, wheatgrass juice, and noni. Designed to promote maximum concentration and mental clarity.*

New Earth Edge


Maximum Recovery
Rebound is a proprietary blend of plant-based proteolytic enzymes: bromelain, papain, protease, lipase, and serratiopeptidase, together with Wild Bluegreen™ Algae, to support your body's inflammatory response to physical exercise.

New Earth Edge


Maximum Flexibility
Flex, our scientifically-designed, proprietary blend of vegetable-based glucosamine, chondroitin, UC-II® undenatured collagen, and our Wild Bluegreen™ Algae.

New Earth Edge

Edge Box 30 Packets

Core EDGE Products
Get your core EDGE products in a month's supply of convenient before-workout and after-workout packets, ready to take with you to the gym, up the mountain, or anywhere you go.

New Earth Edge


Maximum Muscle
PROTEIN? MEAL REPLACEMENT? WE'VE GOT IT. Everyone knows that to build muscle and maintain muscle integrity and strength, protein is the foundation. We don't just have a protein-based shake, we have the best shake on the market!

 New Earth


Immune System Support*
Defend is a proprietary blend of reishi, cordyceps, maitake, shiitake, Turkey Tail, and Agaricus blazei, six of the most extensively researched mushrooms that positively support the immune system, combined with astragalus, beta glucan and of course our own Wild Bluegreen™ Algae.*

New Earth


Cardiovascular System Support*
Energize is a proprietary blend of pure ubiquinol, reishi and oyster mushrooms, polyphenols from olives, and our own Wild Bluegreen™ Algae. Designed to activate cellular energy to support a healthy heart and strong cardiovascular system.*

New Earth


Natural Stem Cell Nutrition
Formulated with natural antioxidants such as wild blueberry, green tea, carnosine, and our organic Wild Bluegreen™ Algae, Renew is a unique combination of natural superfoods that work synergistically to support the growth and maintenance of adult stem cells.*


New Earth AFA from

Unique among foods and supplements is organic Wild Microalgae® (AFA), as it possesses an impressive nutritional profile. This microalgae is rich in a broad spectrum of phytonutrients, plant-based proteins, vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids (EFAs), macronutrients, and numerous micronutrients which help sustain growth, energy, and overall health.

It is important to remember that when it comes to AFA, it isn’t necessarily the quantity of individual ingredients that’s important, but rather the unique combination of the wide variety of essential nutrients found in this one source—and every New Earth product contains some amount of AFA!

What are micronutrients? Micronutrients are crucial nutrients that are required throughout life, in small quantities—sometimes in minuscule quantities. Micronutrients include vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals. Failing to obtain even small quantities of micronutrients can adversely impact health. There are close to 30 vitamins and minerals that the body cannot manufacture—these are called “essential micronutrients.” Essential micronutrients must be obtained from outside sources, food and/or supplements.

  • Vitamins: There are two forms of vitamins: water soluble and fat soluble. Vitamins such as A, E, D, and K are fat soluble. AFA contains A (in the form of beta carotene), E, and K. Vitamins such as the B-complex vitamins and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are water-soluble vitamins—AFA also contains these vitamins.
  • Minerals: “Minerals” is a category composed of microminerals and trace minerals. The human body needs larger amounts of microminerals; and lesser amounts of trace minerals. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium are examples of microminerals. Copper, iron, iodine, and zinc are examples of trace minerals. AFA also contains all of these minerals plus a few more.

Likely, there are very few people who consume the perfect diet—that would be a diet replete with vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and quality protein. Even if one were to consume all of these things, many variables could affect the quality of the food, and one might not obtain all the nutrients necessary. A quality supplement such as organic Wild Microalgae– with its wide variety of macronutrients and micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals—is needed to fill in the nutritional gaps and help the body maintain optimal levels of these nutrients.


New Earth Wild


Premium Algae Blend
A unique richness of minerals and phytonutrients from nine colorful algae. A proprietary blend of: dulse, kelp, fucoidan, Ecklonia cava, bladderwrack, Dunaliella salina, spirulina, chlorella and pure Wild Bluegreen™ Algae from Klamath Lake.

New Earth Wild


Premium Mushroom Blend
New Earth has created a powerful mushroom blend that brings these botanicals together in a single combination: Wild Forest, a proprietary blend of reishi, maitake, cordyceps, wild black trumpet, and Poria cocos, designed to support a healthy immune system and an energetic life.*

New Earth Wild


Premium Sprout Blend
Wild Earth is a proprietary blend of kale sprouts, red clover sprouts, wheat sprouts, and Dunaliella salina algae. Contains chlorophyll, glutathione, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, Wild Earth combines the best of nature's antioxidants to nourish your body.

New Earth Wild

Wild Box 30 packets

A Force Of Nature

Wild Packets
Get all three WILD products in a month's supply of convenient daily packets, ready to slip in your pocket or purse and take with you anywhere. Each box contains 30 packets, each containing 3 Water, 3 Forest, and 3 Earth capsules.

New Earth Give

Square Meal

Love In Every Bite...
Incredibly convenient, the Square Meal can be mixed with either hot or cold water, juice or milk and quickly dissolves into a delicious granola-flavored meal. Each serving of this irresistible cereal also delivers a significant measure of our Wild Bluegreen™ algae - nature's perfect food!

New Earth Give

Give BG Bar

BG Bar Wild
On The Go

BG Bars purchased under the GIVE product category will be shipped by New Earth directly through one of our GIVE initiatives to feed hungry children.


New Earth Gear

Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style with the stainless steel New Earth sport bottle. Fill with your favorite non-cabonated beverage while on the go.


Wearable Fitness Gadgets
and Health Monitors

Check out the latest Wearable Fitness Gadgets and Devices to help improve your health, track your activity, steps, heart rate, calories, sleep, diet, and much more.


Featured fitness trackers and smart watches include products from the top selling brands:  Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Samsung, Jawbone, Misfit and Tile.


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New Earth Gear

Blender Bottle

The New Earth Blender Bottle is the perfect way to mix your BUILD shake. The bottle has a pantented stainless steel wire "blender" ball that will whip up your delicious BUILD shake in no time. BPA free and featuring a nice attachment loop that will keep your bottle sealed for 17oz. of your favorite protein drink!

New Earth Gear

New Earth Nike Golf Hat

Keep the sun off your head in style with our cool and breathable DRI-FIT hat. It features a DRI-FIT sweatband to keep you cool. Stretchy and non-adjustable size should fit medium to larger heads comfortably.

 Wild Essentials Box 60 packets


EARTH'S FIRST FOODS - WILD ESSENTIALS contain our proprietary blends of marine and freshwater algae, tonic mushrooms, sprouted grasses and grains, and our own organic Wild MicroalgaeTM some of the most nourishing foods on the planet; combined with our probiotics and digestive enzymes to unlock the benefits these superfoods provide.  All packed into 60 convenient packets, ready to take with you anywhere.

Each WILD ESSENTIALS box contains 60 packets. Take one ‘Wild’ packet in the morning, and one ‘Essentials’ packet with your largest meal of the day.
Each Essentials packet contains 1 Body, 1 Mind, 1 Acidophilus, 1 Bifidus, and 1 Enzymes
Each Wild packet contains: 3 Wild Water, 3 Wild Earth and 3 Wild Forest


Track your Physical Activity & Exercise


 BioAgile Liquid Shot, 12 pack



Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply someone who wants to feel better than you have, BioAgile is your answer for daily renewal for your mind and body. The shot delivers organic Wild Microalgae(TM), Cognizin(R), Sustamine(R), green tea, vitamin D, carnosine, blueberry extract, and other beneficial ingredients.

When you drink BioAgile regularly, you’re maximizing what your brain is capable of, giving necessary functions like motor skills, problem solving and comprehension a welcome boost. Because BioAgile's formula supports the brain at a cellular level, it helps you to maintain a healthy brain and lifestyle.

What’s more, there are no artificial ingredients, preservatives or stimulants included, period, which means BioAgile is absolutely safe. Its ingredients aren’t just natural … they’re integral.

BioAgile is certified by Informed-Sport and each batch is tested for WADA banned substances.

BioAgile comes in a 12 pack of 2 fl. oz shots.

This product is vegetarian and non-GMO.



The statements or information on this website have not been evaluated by
the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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Healthy aging for Baby Boomers.

As you age, joint health, bone health, heart health, and overall health become extremely important health concerns.  Chronic disease conditions can occur as you get older and when you don't take preventive actions.

You can do things to prevent health problems such as get exercise, regular health exams, and eat a balanced diet providing natural food & nutrition.

Nutritional supplements such as New Earth with all natural ingredients made from superfoods can provide the support and prevention that you need as you get older.

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