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Check out the latest Wearable Fitness Gadgets and Devices to help improve your health, track your activity, steps, heart rate, calories, sleep, diet, and much more.


Featured fitness trackers and smart watches include products from the top selling brands:  Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Samsung, Jawbone, Misfit and Tile.


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 A Family of Products to Help You Stay Healthy


Healthy aging for Baby Boomers.

As you age, joint health, bone health, heart health, and overall health become extremely important health concerns.  Chronic disease conditions can occur as you get older and when you don't take preventive actions.

You can do things to prevent health problems such as get exercise, regular health exams, and eat a balanced diet providing natural food & nutrition.

Nutritional supplements such as New Earth with all natural ingredients made from superfoods can provide the support and prevention that you need as you get older.

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Looking for the latest in wearable technology? Find hot, new products and the tried and true here in our Wearable Technology Store. Or maybe you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Wearable tech includes exciting new technologies, like fitness trackers, wearable cameras, smart watches, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking devices.

Need help remembering to exercise? Try a fitness and activity tracker like those from Misfit, Garmin, Jawbone, and Fitbit. They’re designed to let you know how much activity you’ve had in your day--and some even track how well you’re sleeping by monitoring sleep. Some have built-in heart rate monitors, while others can connect to a heart rate monitor. Most fitness trackers sync with your smartphone and computer to review your activity. In our Wearable Technology Store, you’ll find the most popular activity and fitness trackers, including the Misfit Shine, the Garmin vivofit, and the Fitbit Charge, Flex, and Surge.



Are you looking to take your fitness routine to the next level? Look no further than Edge. Find out how to get your athletic edge with whole superfoods here:

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BioAgile, the new Daily Renewal Liquid Shot Nutrition Supplement - improve energy, endurance, brain health, and memory



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